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foundation MAIDEN

foundation MAIDEN

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MAIDEN is our very lightest level shade with slightly pink undertones.

Level: very light

Undertone: pink

This foundation is free of fillers; it is concentrated. You must begin with very little, almost none. For a beautiful, dewy complexion (and long lasting coverage) always begin with the Eve Organics Beauty Moisturizer for your skin type. For optimal results, apply your Pure Mineral Foundation while your skin is still damp from your favorite Eve Organics Beauty Moisturizer.

For a Tinted Moisturizer look and feel, mix a pinch of your foundation color into your moisturizer in the palm of your hand and apply directly to your face with finger tips. 


  1. Sift a small amount of Pure Mineral Foundation into your foundation container lid or another clean surface.
  2. If you need under-eye coverage (who doesn’t?), begin with our Eye Cream and apply your Pure Mineral Foundation to the area with your Concealer Brush.
  3. Use your Concealer Brush to cover any areas (like blemishes) that might need extra coverage. Don’t worry too much about blending, as you will naturally blend in the next step.
  4. Using our Flat Top Foundation Brush, swirl the brush into the lid (of foundation) to pick up a small amount of Pure Mineral Foundation.
  5. Tap the brush bottom gently on a hard surface to evenly distribute our Pure Mineral Foundation throughout the bristles for even application.
  6. Using a circular motion, and light strokes evenly distribute over your entire face. Don’t forget the area around your hairline and be sure to blend just past your jawbone. Keep blending and working it in until your desired results are achieved.
  7. Optional: If you prefer a more matte finish, apply our Setting Powder, loose or pressed as a finishing touch.

mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxides, ultramarine blue (may contain): zinc oxide

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