Why buy BULK Mineral Makeup?

  • Maybe there's a color that you love and it would be much easier have bulk product on hand to refill your own jars?
  • Perhaps you're creative and you would love to blend your own makeup shades?
  • Are you a maker who wants to retail our pure mineral makeup under your own brand*?
  • Whatever YOUR reason is, we're here for you!
  • You'll see that the more that you buy, the better the cost. 

Things to keep in mind:

  1. The shades listed here are available in bulk sizes. Availability varies by shade. Not all of our makeup shades are available in bulk quantities.
  2. Anyone can purchase these shades in bulk. Simply add your desired quantity to your order.
  3. We're adding more shades every week.
  4. Eyeshadow shades are recommended for use on eyes & face only.
  5. Shades that can be used all over: eyes, cheeks & lips are labeled ECL.
  6. Bulk Sizes are shipped in sterile baggies, no packaging included.
  7. Full Size & Sample Sizes are shipped in retail jars.
  8. We are able to offer our Pure Mineral Pigments in bulk because they do NOT expire and cannot be contaminated.
  9. We cannot offer our skincare or body care in bulk because those products DO expire and refilling existing jars or bottles can lead to product contamination. 
  10. *Contact us directly at (248) 439-0404 or if:
    - you'd like bulk amounts of shades not listed here.
    - you'd like to be considered as a wholesale account.
    - you would like quantities of any shade over 60 grams.
  11. Quantities are LIMITED. Plan accordingly!