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Meet Cheryl & Jeny

Sisters / Co-Owners of Eve Organics Beauty 


The Great Recession / The Local Detroit Economy / Sisters Meet the Challenge Head-On

In response to the personal, and nation-wide, career upending lay-offs, as well as the subsequent downsizing caused by The Great Recession, sister team Cheryl & Jeny co-founded ROUGE Makeup & Nail Studio in 2010. With collective decades of beauty industry experience, The Sisters started a small family business focusing on what they knew best: natural nails and healthy makeup. In a culture of fast and automated service, The Sisters knew that setting the customer service bar high meant that the experience of being at ROUGE would engage clients and build loyalty. 

With only 500 square feet, two people, and a flair for vintage design, ROUGE was born.  The Sisters transformed a former office space into an Award Winning retail and service establishment. Nearly a decade later (a much bigger) ROUGE Makeup & Nail Studio is a beloved part of the community it serves and employs over a dozen people. 



Since 2010, The Sisters have built a fierce brand loyalty for Eve Organics Beauty. How? By providing professional makeup artist services, including problem solving skincare consultations, individual makeup lessons and classes, and almost a decade of every type of event-makeup, from Bridal to Halloween, exclusively using Eve Organics Beauty. 

When the founder of Eve Organics Beauty, Sharron Pinheiro, decided sell the company, Cheryl and Jeny were the perfect duo to take over the coveted brand.

The Co-Owners say, “We love this brand; the plant-based ingredients, the ease of application, the natural aromas and professional results. Our loyal clients count on Eve Organics Beauty for their daily skincare and makeup needs. Based on proven, time-tested results many of them say they will never use anything else.”



From Eve Organics Beauty Co-Owners Cheryl & Jeny

Let’s face it, the beauty market is saturated with confusing, misleading concepts and products.

The advent of subscription beauty and Multilevel Marketing, in addition to the traditional beauty counter and drug store, mean that consumers can purchase beauty products anywhere.  If healthy beauty is important to you, how do you know if the products you buy are actually healthy, or just the same old thing in a green package? At Eve Organics Beauty, it is our MISSION to provide truly healthy beauty products that are good for you, your skin, and your personal ecosystem.  

Our VISION is to cut through the beauty confusion, and deliver easy to use, easy to understand, results-driven healthy beauty directly to you.  Plant based beauty with makeup artist results is our PASSION.



From the Founder of Eve Organics Beauty

I am Sharron Pinheiro, Founder of Eve Organics Beauty and this is my story.

In 2002 while practicing massage therapy, I began my search for products to use during my treatments and was disappointed time after time in the quality of ingredients in the products I had to choose from. I searched the market for cleaner ingredients, and came up empty. After a while I began to blend my own products, which were a big hit with my massage clients! Soon, my clients began to ask for product and the idea of Eve Organics was born.

After painstaking research and experimenting with countless skincare bases, pure minerals and essential oils, I founded Eve Organics Beauty in 2007 with a small lineup of products that I wanted to wear myself. Over the years, we have expanded our line of skincare and makeup to address the needs of all skin types, skin tones and age groups. 

Personally, what motivated me was hearing how grateful our clients were to have finally found a company that cared about them and offered a product list that was clear of all the dangerous chemicals found in virtually every other skincare and makeup brand!

It has been an honor to serve our loyal customer base and I cannot wait to see how Eve Organics serves in the future!

In gratitude, 

Sharron Pinheiro



Plant Based / Michigan Made since 2008


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