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Meet Cheryl & Jeny
Sisters / Co-Owners of Eve Organics Beauty & ROUGE MAKEUP & NAIL STUDIO

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This is our story. It's a bit of a long one, going back to the 1930s.
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First, you must know that we are sisters.  
Cheryl is the big sister and Jeny is the little sister.  
The first part of our story comes from the women who paved the way for us.
We come from a long line of Beauty Professionals.

It started with our great-grandmother, Maybelle. In the 1930s, she was the owner of a beauty shop in southwest Detroit. Her daughter (our grandmother) Pauline worked in the salon just out of high school in the 1940s.  Our Mother, Alyce was a career hair stylist from the 1960s until she retired in 2009.  In the 1930 & 40s, it was unusual for generations of women to work independently or even to be business owners. We believe that our determination comes from the women who came before us and paved the way; 4 generations of women in the beauty business.

Cheryl’s Story:

We grew up in salons watching our Mother cut, color and perm hair throughout the 70s and 80s.  When I was in High School, I dreamed of a career in the high-end fashion and beauty industry.  I dabbled in the local Detroit fashion and club scene and enrolled in cosmetology school while still in High School.  After graduation, I moved to New York City and immediately started working as a makeup artist in any way that I could. I worked on photo shoots, fashion shows, back stage and at makeup counters in NYC, Chicago and San Francisco. Eventually, my experience lead me to working corporately for companies like Estee Lauder, Sebastian International and Aveda. I spent years in sales and education, specializing in makeup knowledge and artistry.  In 2009, I found myself laid off for the 2nd time in 5 years. I knew it was time for a change. In 2010, I co-founded ROUGE Makeup & Nail Studio in Ferndale, MI with my little sister, Jeny.

Cheryl working backstage in 2000:

Jeny’s Story:

Jeny didn’t start her career in the beauty industry. She loves children and spent years as a preschool teacher.  Towards the end of the last decade, she wanted to make a change. In 2008, she enrolled in school to get her manicurist license.  In 2010, she joined Cheryl in creating ROUGE Makeup & Nail Studio. She created a haven for women at ROUGE Makeup & Nail Studio.  Jeny personally created the service menu and earned rave reviews as a natural nail specialist.  She trained every manicurist that joined the team at ROUGE for over a decade.  The success of ROUGE was largely based on her commitment to stellar customer service. 

ROUGE Makeup & Nail Studio and Eve Organics Beauty:
Before ROUGE opened, we chose Eve Organics Beauty to be our “house brand”. We searched for a brand that was healthy, good for you, and really performed. We were surprised to find Eve Organics Beauty practically in our back yard. We fell in love with the plant based formulas and great results.  The fact that it was made in Michigan only helped to endear the brand to our clientele. 

The ROUGE Team, 2015:

We had a great relationship with EOB founder, Sharron Pinheiro and she loved whipping up new formulas based on our needs.  We worked only with Eve Organics Beauty for all of our makeup lessons and applications.  Through one-on-one lessons and applications, and classes and events, we helped to build the brand, switching hundreds of women over to Eve Organics Beauty.  From 2010-2020, ROUGE organically grew to be Eve Organics Beauty’s #1 account. It only made sense that when EOB Founder Sharron wanted to retire from the company that she would sell it to us. We purchased Eve Organics Beauty and moved all operations to our Ferndale, Michigan location in May of 2019. 


ROUGE, Eve Organics Beauty & The Pandemic of 2020:

In the beginning of 2020, we made changes to our store to showcase Eve Organics Beauty and open our showroom to accommodate more classes.  We changed our floor plan and created an entirely new space 3 days before we shut down our business due to the pandemic. After we got over the initial shock, we spent the next few months revamping the entire brand.  This was something that we had wanted to do from the beginning, but hadn’t had the time to do.  It was the silver lining of the shut down.  We kept the formulas while we reimagined and redesigned packaging and branding. We keep the core principal of what we call "Comfortably Luxurious" in mind when creating our products. Our products are easily accessible, pleasing to all of the senses and a joy to use every day. 

The Future of Eve Organics and ROUGE:
Though anybody in small business can tell you that this year (2020) has been a true nail biter, we are thankful that we had Eve Organics Beauty to focus on. Every day you can find us working on new formulas, colors and products to entice and delight you.  We firmly believe that your skincare and makeup rituals should be a pleasure. It is our goal to bring Eve Organics Beauty to everyone who desires healthy and accessible plant-based beauty options. 

We hope that whether you are a long time Eve Organics Beauty user or new to our brand, you will relate to our story and our commitment to healthy beauty for all. 
We thank you for your business and support today and always. Small business is nothing without YOU, our loyal clientele. 

Update 12/23/23

In April of 2023, we made the difficult decision to permanently close our brick & mortar beauty studio, ROUGE Makeup & Nail Studio after 13 years in business. Though the pandemic has ended, it has changed the way that people shop. This change has allowed us to focus on our online business and our Affiliate Program. We are thrilled to report that we are doing GREAT and we are so thankful that our loyal clientele has been supportive all the way. We look forward to bringing you the very best in healthy beauty for many years to come. 

Cheryl & Jeny 

Written by Cheryl, 7/7/2020 & updated 12/23/23




From the Founder of Eve Organics Beauty

I am Sharron Pinheiro, Founder of Eve Organics Beauty and this is my story.

In 2002 while practicing massage therapy, I began my search for products to use during my treatments and was disappointed time after time in the quality of ingredients in the products I had to choose from. I searched the market for cleaner ingredients, and came up empty. After a while I began to blend my own products, which were a big hit with my massage clients! Soon, my clients began to ask for product and the idea of Eve Organics was born.

After painstaking research and experimenting with countless skincare bases, pure minerals and essential oils, I founded Eve Organics Beauty in 2007 with a small lineup of products that I wanted to wear myself. Over the years, we have expanded our line of skincare and makeup to address the needs of all skin types, skin tones and age groups. 

Personally, what motivated me was hearing how grateful our clients were to have finally found a company that cared about them and offered a product list that was clear of all the dangerous chemicals found in virtually every other skincare and makeup brand!

It has been an honor to serve our loyal customer base and I cannot wait to see how Eve Organics serves in the future!

In gratitude, 

Sharron Pinheiro



Plant Based / Michigan Made since 2008

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