Hello Friends!
Some of our products have been discontinued this year. Some have been discontinued due to low sales, some have been discontinued due to ingredient or packaging shortages, and some have been discontinued because we have similar products with even better ingredient lists. 
Here is a list of discontinued products and our recommendations for replacements. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us directly either via email @ info@eveorganicsbeauty.com or via telephone or text @ (248) 439-0404.
Thank you for being a loyal Eve Organics Beauty client!
We appreciate you!

 Discontinued Product Suggested Replacement Product
Universal Gel Cleanser Foaming Gel Cleanser
Firming Serum Absolute Age Defy Serum
Charcoal Mask Pumpkin Mask
Sunscreen for Body Sunscreen for Face & Body
Renewal Toner Absolute Age Toner
Clarity Moisturizer Absolute Age Defy Moisturizer
Radiant Color Balm: Amber Glow Radiant Color Balm: Bronze Glow
Radiant Color Balm: Berry Glow Radiant Color Balm: Pink Moon
Renewal Cream Cleanser CREAM CLEANSER 
Balance Cream Cleanser CREAM CLEANSER