light olive foundation - O3

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This foundation is great for light olive skinned women with Mediterranean or Latin backgrounds. It also works well for counteracting redness from rosacea to neutralize skin tone for caucasen women with a medium complexion.

Professional Tip:

This foundation is free of fillers; it is very concentrated. You must begin with very little, almost none. Never blow on your brush. For a beautiful, dewy complexion (and long lasting coverage) always begin with the Eve Organics Beauty Moisturizer for your skin type. For optimal results, apply your Pure Mineral Foundation while your skin is still damp from your moisturizer.


  1. Sift a small amount of Pure Mineral Foundation into your foundation container lid or another clean surface.
  2. If you need under-eye coverage (who doesn’t?), begin with our Eye Crème and apply your Pure Mineral Foundation to the area with your Concealer Brush.
  3. Use your Concealer Brush to cover any areas (like blemishes) that might need extra coverage. Don’t worry too much about blending, as you will naturally blend in the next step.
  4. Using our Handi Flat Top Brush, swirl the brush into the lid (of foundation) to pick up a small amount of Pure Mineral Foundation.
  5. Tap the brush bottom gently on a hard surface to evenly distribute our Pure Mineral Foundation throughout the bristles for even application.
  6. Using a circular motion, and light strokes evenly distribute over your entire face. Don’t forget the area around your hairline and be sure to blend just past your jawbone. Keep blending and working it in until your desired results are achieved.
  7. Optional: If you prefer a more matte finish, apply our Setting Powder as a finishing touch.

mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxides, ultramarine blue (may contain): zinc oxide

Janice R.
I have tried every brand you can think of in the past 35 years. I usually use liquid makeup so I was hesitant about using powder. I have even tried mineral makeup and didn't like it. But I am done with all of the big name products that have lead and aluminum in them. I recently had a heavy metal test done and I had high levels of lead and aluminum in my body. This was a real eye opener for me. So I went on a search for pure, safe makeup. I ordered several sample foundations and the light olive matched perfect. I was so surprised at the little I had to use! It was beautiful! After just 3 days, I have noticed a change in my skin. I love the foundation and Eve Organics! And it feels really good to know that I am putting something good on my face and not dangerous and unhealthy.
Angela B.
Wow, got the Light Olive mineral foundation and all I can say is it is fantastic! My skin looks beautiful and it doesn't even feel or look like I'm wearing makeup. Thanks so much. I have seen a couple more videos on YouTube and they're really well done.