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eyeshadow FRANKFORT Iridescent

eyeshadow FRANKFORT Iridescent

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FRANKFORT is a light and sheer shade of pale, cool pink. It has an irridescence to it that is almost violet. This shade looks fabulous alone or when paired with MARQUETTE or TWIGHLIGHT MAUVE. It can be used as a highlight on the upper cheekbones. FRANKFORT is a gorgeous shade that has earned it's spot here in our top seller page by being a fan favorite year after year.

Dry / Sheer Application
Apply with a synthetic-hair eyeshadow brush from lash line to just past the crease, blending up lightly almost to the brow.

Wet / Opaque Application
Wet your synthetic-hair eyeshadow brush with a very small amount water. Mix with eyeshadow (working in your eye-shadow lid or on a clean dry surface). Apply shadow to your eyelid. Allow 1-2 minutes to dry and then blend with dry eyeshadow brush to soften edges.

Cream Application
With your synthetic eyeshadow brush, mix with a small amount of pigment with our Eye Cream. Apply the mix directly to eye lid. Blend edges. Optional: Apply dry shadow on top of cream mix for longevity. Be sure to wash your brush after application.

Iron Oxides, Mica, Titanium Dioxides

May Contain: Silica, Ultramarine Blue


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