Collection: EYESHADOW all shades

All of our pure pigment eyeshadows are HERE!
These shades are grouped by color category. You'll find browns & bronzes, greens & grays, mauves and purples and many shades in between.
If you need to narrow it down, take a look at our WARM TONES page or our COOL TONES page.  These pages have eye, cheek, and lip colors grouped by color category so that all of the colors on the page work harmoniously together. 

All of pure pigment eyeshadow shades can be used wet or dry, and offer endless color possibilities for even sensitive eyes. 

  • Semi-Matte: These are shades that are mostly matte with a hint of shimmer or iridescence.
  • Matte: These shades contain either very little or no shimmer at all.
  • Shimmer: Shades that are a bit more sheer with a bit of iridescence.
  • Shimmer + Glitter: These shades are FUN. They are shimmery with added glitter for a little extra disco. 
Looking for a specific shade and can't find it?
We changed the names of many of our shades a few years ago.
Here's the name change list: