HELP! I can't get the last bit of moisturizer out of the bottle!

HELP! I can't get the last bit of moisturizer out of the bottle!

Has this happened to you? You're down to the last quarter (or less) of your favorite EOB Moisturizer and your pump stops working?
Ugh! What's the deal?!

We acknowledge that this is so annoying!
However, the issue is not one that can be fixed with a new bottle or pump.
The issue is with the plant-based nature of our products. They are temperature sensitive. 
We're here to help you remedy this annoyance!

If your moisturizer won't pump:
Place the entire bottle of moisturizer into a cup of warm-to-hot water.
Leave the bottle of moisturizer in the warm water bath for 10 minutes or longer.
Shake up your moisturizer.
This usually fixes the issue but you may repeat this process as needed.
Never add water to your moisturizer (or any of our products). 
This can contaminate your moisturizer and may introduce mold into your bottle. 

If your moisturizer is runny or liquified:
This happens when the moisturizer is exposed to (even seemingly slight) heat fluctuations.  Simply shake up your bottle and place in the refrigerator for awhile. This will return the formula to normal. 
Repeat if necessary, or store your moisturizer in the refrigerator in the summer months.

Just FYI: performing either of these processes will not damage your product.  

We hope that this little insider information helps you.
We know that this can be annoying, but to us it's a small price to pay for sustainable packaging and formulas that are plant based. 

There is a series of numbers on the bottom of all of our skincare products.
This is the EXPIRATION DATE. Please do not use the products past their expiration date. 

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