5 Ways Lavender Heals

by 12 January 16, 2009 0 Comments

Lavender   Lavender

If aromatherapy interests you and you don't know where to begin, go no further than Lavender.  Lavender has always been the "go to" essential oil for aromatherapists, beginners and experts alike.  Lavender is mild, can be used undiluted on everyone, including babies, with no worries.  Although there are too many uses for Lavender to mention, following are five ways to use Lavender for common problems or ailments:

  1. Relaxes.  Lavender best known characteristic is its calming properties.  It's well recognized sweet smell with woody undertone eases tension and anxiety, and assists the body to fall asleep.  Dab a little lavender into your temples, add a few drops to a warm running bath or humidifier for a restful sleep.
  2. Soothes.  Lavender's also great at healing burns (whether they be sunburns or heat burns), cuts and scrapes.  Applied directly to a burn, lavender soothes the sting of the burn, while helping the body heal the burn, cut or scrape itself.  The antibacterial and antiviral qualities of the herb help keep the area clean, assisting in fast healing and prevents scarring.
  3. Balances Oil Production.  Lavender is wonderful for the skin in that it helps balance oil production in a variety of ways.  A few drops added to shampoo helps with dandruff, OR a drop applied to an pimple kills bacteria/viruses and helps balance oil in the face.
  4. Relieves Muscle Pain.  The esters and ketones in lavender give it anti-inflammatory properties to help relieve muscle tension.  Lavender added to massage oil helps relieve tired and sore muscles.  A few drops on a warm compress or massaged into the lower back assists in easing menstrual cramps.  Apply lavender to swollen or muscle spasms for pain relief.
  5. Mood Regulator.  The ester compounds in lavender also help regulate the mood.  When inhaled, lavender, along with roman chamomile and others, helps regulate the hormonal system.  If used prior to the beginning of your period, these oils should help lessen or avoid PMS symptoms.

Although there are countless ways to use lavender, the five mentioned above encompass every day uses and give you a reason why I say, "I don't go anywhere without my lavender."

As mentioned on the website and elsewhere in the blog, if you use essential oils, always use therapeutic grade essential oils.  Other oils can be contaminated with solvents used to express the plant oils.  These chemicals taint the essential oils and are absorbed into your body when the oil is applied.  To get the desired results without putting the body at risk with undesired toxins, use therapeutic grade essential oils (these oils are pure enough to ingest).  There should be not be a warning on the bottle saying "for external use only", except for the few oils that should never be ingested.