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Alchemy FLORIDA WATER: classic uni-sex with lime & lavender


Florida Water by ALCHEMY Botanical Perfumes

This is a classic cologne with a citrus top and heart notes, floral body, and a tenacity despite its light fragrance. This Florida Water was created from natural essences of fruit and flowers mixed with organic lavender blossoms. It's fresh, lively, and perfectly appropriate for anyone; man, woman and everyone in between.

The Story of Florida Water:
A perfumed spirit for scenting the body, freshening the bath, sweetening dreams and conjuring up good juju.

Florida Waters have a long and storied history in America.
Many virtues are ascribed to the lavender-forward fragrance, bordering on the miraculous. By the 1930s the waters were in wide use in folk magic practices. Our Alchemy Florida Water is formulated with natural essences of fruits and flowers in a tincture of organic lavender. We invite you to create your own rituals with Alchemy’s Florida Water to perfume the body, freshen linens, sweeten dreams or to conjure up some good juju.


Alchemy Florida Water  is our essence distilled: nostalgic, thoughtful, quality and aesthetic.
- Monique Herzig, creator of Alchemy Botanical Perfumes