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Deluxe UNIVERSAL Holiday Gift Set

This 7 piece set is a $170 value for just $136, a 20% discount. 
Are you looking to go "all in" with our luxurious plant-based skincare? 
If you, or someone you love has sensitive skin, this set might be the perfect gift. 

This kit contains everything you’ll need to treat your normal to sensitive skin with products for use day, night and weekly. This product mix has been carefully chosen to deliver optimal skin soothing results with minimal products.
Experience calm skin with this inclusive UNIVERSAL set!

This set includes full size (aroma free) Universal Cleanser, Toner and (aroma free) Moisturizer, Night Cream, Firming Serum Eye Cream and our Exfoliating Scrub with AHA.
Full instructions and a 100% cotton washcloth are included in this set.

PLEASE pre-order (place your order online) this set for delivery or pickup at ROUGE Makeup & Nail Studio.

Not available at any other retail outlets.

This set comes with full instructions on how to use each product.