76% organic - vegan - gluten free

Why do you need EYE CREAM?
Did you know that the delicate area around the eyes does not have oil glands? This is why this area must be treated differently and more gently.
Our intensive EYE CREAM deeply hydrates and softens this delicate area while protecting it from fine lines and wrinkles. Results are immediate and cumulative. Apply daily for best results.

Alternative use: Our EYE CREAM works as a fabulous eye makeup remover. Simply apply a small amount to a damp cotton round to remove all traces of eye makeup and soften the lashes.

Pro Tip: Mix a small amount of EYE CREAM with your EOB Pure Mineral Foundation to create your perfect under-eye concealer!  

Dispense a small amount (about a pea size) of EYE CREAM to your ring finger (this finger has less pressure) and gently apply to your under eye area and sweep up towards the temples AM & PM.
Due to the possibly of this hydrating product seeping into the eye area, do not apply to the top lid for day wear. You may apply to the eyelid for PM use.