embrāce - hyaluronic acid

(embrāce) the skin you're in

98% organic - vegan - gluten free

The strongest hyaluronic acid solution around suspended in organic aloe vera targets fine lines and wrinkles by hydrating and plumping for younger looking skin.  Simply, enhance the skin you're in.  

Hyaluronic acid starts as a powder (straight). Most companies mix this powder with water at a 1% HA ratio. Then, they use this mixture to formulate a small percentage of the total recipe of their product and tout the benefits of hyaluronic acid. Our Pure hyaluronic (which is a 1% straight hyaluronic mixed with Organic Aloe Vera Juice instead of water) is as strong as you can get. And the aloe gives boosts the skin’s healing properties to boot. We add nothing else. It is a 100% hyaluronic serum.

Apply 2-4 drops in the morning after cleansing to WET face or mix with on of our moisturizers.

organic aloe leaf juice*, plant derived hyaluronic acid, lactobacillus ferment (plant derived preservative) *organic ingredient