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Deluxe BALANCE Holiday Gift Set

This 7 piece set is a $170 value for just $136, a 20% discount!
Are you looking to go "all in" with our luxurious plant-based skincare?
This is a great time to treat yourself or someone you love!

Do you have combination skin?  Those who have normal-to-oily to normal-to-dry skin with occasional (or seasonal) dry or oily patches (sometimes at the same time) will benefit from the BALANCE Skincare system. Our BALANCE System contains a proprietary essential oil blend designed specifically to help prevent and treat hormonal breakouts.
This set includes everything you will need to treat this skin type for clearer, more even tone and texture, and predictably great skin, every day!

This kit includes full size: BALANCE Cleanser, Toner and Moisturizer, Firming Serum, our Night Cream, Hydrating Eye Cream and our Pumpkin Enzyme Refining Mask. Includes full instructions and a 100% cotton wash cloth. 

PLEASE pre-order (place your order online) this set for delivery or pickup at ROUGE Makeup & Nail Studio.
Not available at any other retail outlets.