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Brow Powder Samples

Light Blonde
Ash Blonde
Warm Blonde
Warm Brunette
Cool Brunette
Deep Aubrun
Deep Brunette

These all-in-one pigments have so many uses!
Define your brows, use as an all-over shadow or liner, spritz hairspray at your roots and brush on your color for a quick root camouflage, use the warmer shades as a contour color on your face.

Color Descriptions

We recommend that you either match or go a little lighter than your hair color.

Light Blonde: for very light blondes or redheads who have ultra-light brows

Warm Blonde: for light to medium shades blondes or redheads with warm undertones

Ash Blonde: for cool blondes to light cool brunettes

Warm Brunette: for redheads or brunettes with chestnut caramel tones

Cool Brunette: for brunettes with cooler toned hair or gray "highlights"

Deep Brunette: for those with deep hair colors of dark browns or black

Deep Auburn: For fiery or deep redheads

As brow powder: using an angled brow brush follow your natural brow line and fill in as needed.

As eyeshadow: using our all over shadow brush, apply to the lid and blend up and over crease line.

As contour (warm shades only): apply below the cheek line, along the hair line and jaw line and blend carefully.

As root cover up: spritz area to be covered with hairspray. Using a small brush apply directly to roots. Allow to dry and fluff with fingertips

Iron Oxieds, Mica, Titanium Dioxide
Maybe contain Silica, Ultramarine Blue