hot day blush

Eve Organics Beauty

simple. natural. beautiful.

Hot day perfectly describes this warm burgundy bronze blush that compliments all skin tones. Depending on whether you are warm or cool, your undertones will bring out more of either the bronze or burgundy in the blush. It is deep enough to be used as a contour on lighter skin or, when used sparingly, as a blush on medium to darker tones.

First apply the Eve Organics moisturizer for your skin type followed immediately after by our loose mineral foundation. This is the most important step, because blush and bronzer don’t do too much on an uneven skin tone!

The next step is to apply your blush or bronzer “light handedly”, building it up in sheer layers. A little truly goes a long way, especially with our ultra concentrated loose minerals.

Apply it in a circular motion on all the spots of your face that would get “sun kissed” first. These locations are the round part of your cheek that is accentuated when you smile and blended towards your hairline for a natural look. 

mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxides. (may contain): ferric ferrocyanide

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