We LOVE the ROMANCE of perfume. We love the storied histories of classic perfumes and the people who created them. Jean Harlow reportedly wore Mitsouko to bed. Soldiers bought Shalimar in Paris to bring home to their sweethearts when they returned from WWII. Every woman who wanted to "bring home the bacon" wore Enjoli in the 1970s. Think fast! What perfume did your Mother wear? Fragrance is intrinsically linked with memory.  It's that powerful.

Because of our commitment to healthy beauty and our strong stance against synthetic aromas, we at Eve Organics Beauty are often asked for recommendations for other products. Perfume can be a tough one. Even so-called "natural" aromas often contain synthetic fragrances. These synthetics can cause irritation and headaches, as well as other disruptions to the health of the wearer. That's why we LOVE these perfumes. Alchemy Botanical Perfumes contain ZERO synthetics, but they are complex, sophisticated and long lasting.

Our partnership with Alchemy Botanical Perfumes:

Our community of Ferndale, MI (just north of Detroit) is full of Artists and Makers.  Monique Herzig is a long-time friend of ROUGE and Eve Organics Beauty.  We are absolutely in love with her perfumes and her perfume company, ALCHEMY.  
We proudly offer these perfumes to YOU!


At Alchemy, perfumes are created using aromatics harvested from root, stem, flower, seed, and wood. This is an age old perfumery technique. Their passion for botanical perfumery is an extension of the inherent attraction to the natural world and over twenty years of working with botanical essences. The forward facing fragrances offer a nostalgic feel without the harsh chemicals.  Every batch is hand poured and bottled with love by Monique herself.


Whether you plan to give or to receive ALCHEMY BOTANICAL PERFUMES, we know you'll be thrilled.