Why You Need Hyaluronic Acid

by Todra Payne May 05, 2016 0 Comments

Why You Need Hyaluronic Acid

A few months ago, while standing in the checkout line with a moderately-priced bottle of Malbec,

I realized I wasn’t going to be carded. Since I am a woman of a certain age – quite a bit past 30-

you may think I’m delusional for even expecting to be carded; but I’ve always been mistaken for

about 15 years younger than my actual age. I suspect I have great genes passed along from my

mother, regular exercise, and organic food to thank for this. But as I stood in line with my wine, it

was apparent that one of these had failed me.


Once home, I hopped on Google to see what I could do to reclaim my youthful deception

appearance. Here’s what I learned:


There is a magical skincare substance I had never heard of called, hyaluronic acid. It sounds

ominous, doesn’t it? Who wants acid on their face? It turns out, it’s already in your face- literally.

hyaluronic acid is a natural structural component of skin, and it’s lurking in your connective

tissues all over your body. This is actually a good thing. Hyaluronic acid holds 1,000 times its

weight in water within skin cells, and it’s said to promote collagen production, which means –

drum roll – it makes your skin look plump, dewy and youthful (on a side note, it also makes your

joints healthy and less rickety). But as you age, your body produces only about 50% of the

hyaluronic acid that you had in your 20s. Is there something you can do to get it back?

It turns out, you can apply it topically, inject it with needles, eat lots of green, leafy veggies and

take supplements. I chose all of the above, except the needles. I already eat a diet rich in

vegetables, so that was an easy one to check off the list. Drinking hyaluronic acid supplements

turned out to be less scary than it sounds. At just a tablespoon a day, you should see results in

about two months. If you take it with a collagen+Vitamin C supplement, as I do, you’ll see

results even faster.


As for the topical option, I’ll let you in on a little secret. Eve Organics is about to release the

most amazing hyaluronic acid serum you can get your hands on! I’ve happily been a tester for

this smooth, luxurious new serum and I promise you, you’re going to be blown away. Check the

website over the next few weeks and follow Eve Organics on Facebook to stay in the know.

Todra Payne
Todra Payne