What's a PAO Icon?

by 12 October 25, 2009 0 Comments

Have you ever seen this graphic icon on your beauty products or personal care products and wondered what it meant?  For the longest time, I thought it was either some European way of measuring or some type of industry code for the ingredients.  I had no idea.PAO Graphic   
Well, come to find out it's actually there for the consumers' benefit.  The open canister icon is supposed to represent an open package and the numbers on the face of the jar icon is the length of time the product will be good to use before your need to throw it out.

You'd think that there would be some type of advertising or public service announcement describing what it was and how to use it!

Just an FYI, Eve Organics mineral makeup has no expiration.  Since we do not add any fillers or additives to our makeup, and minerals are inherently inert (means they cannot grow mold or bacteria), there is no expiration date.  However, Eve Organics skin care is a different story.  Our skin care, along with lip glosses, sticks and eyeliners are guaranteed for one year, if kept in conditions that are favorable (between 40 and 75 degrees).  Any warmer or cooler, the product will degrade more quickly and the consistency would change. 

We put expirations on the bottom of the bottle so you know when that date would be.  It is one year from manufacture, not 1 year from opening.  That's why we don't use the icon.

For other personal care products, now you know (as they say) . . . the rest of the story!