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Green Beauty is beauty obtained by safe, natural means. Companies that manufacture truly green beauty products are concerned with the customer’s health and wellness.  “Green” beauty products are not to be confused with “natural” beauty products.  Even though a product’s label reads “natural” or “plant derived,” the ingredient in its original form may have been sprayed with pesticides when it was grown, extracted with chemical solvents or irradiated before it was distributed for use. 


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The skin is our largest organ and we all know it absorbs what is applied to it (think of hormone or nicotine patches).  If “natural” ingredients formulated into a product were treated with any environmental toxins, the skin would absorb them just as it does any other chemical.  “Green” products are usually organic to guarantee no environmental toxins and they contain no petroleum based ingredients, synthetic substances (including synthetic preservatives) or dyes.

Green beauty companies are also usually working toward being more sustainable and environmentally aware when in comes to conducting business.  This is done by implementing programs that include (but are not limited to) following:

  • Minimizing waste impact,
  • Encouraging employees to keep up on environmental and social issues/trends so that they can purchase products from other socially responsible companies,
  • Using energy and natural resources wisely and sustainably, so as not to compromise the future health or safety of the earth, and
  • Being sensitive to employees’ family issues.

Green beauty is essentially beauty with a conscience.