Welcome Salon Verve in Traverse City, MI to the Eve Organics Family!

by 12 July 27, 2009 0 Comments

317_logojpegsquare The newest retailer of Eve Organics products is Salon Verve.  Salon Verve is an organic salon across from Grand Traverse Bay (a beautiful view!) in Traverse City, Michigan.

You can visit Salon Verve at 507 Bay Street.  Drop and and say hi.

I've copied a little off of their website so that you can get a little glimpse at what they are doing besides cutting hair. 

Because we are organic, taking the extra steps to be "green" is very important to us.  We use nothing but eco-friendly cleaning products in our salon, we use Bay Area Recycling for Charities to recycle everything possible, all plastic,metals (even foil), we have energy saving appliances and lightbulbs, we make sure all of our product lines come from companies who have green business practices and promote sustainable agriculture, all of our tools (hair brushes, pumice stones, etc) are made of recycled or sustainable materials.  We even re-use all of our hair clippings!  We send hair clippings to a non-profit organization in California called Matter of Trust who turn the clippings into hair mats used to clean up oil spills.  Here is a video on youtube that shows how they use our hair clippings to clean up oil spills.
Here is a video that shows how they compost the oily, nasty hair mats into harmless fertilizer instead of sending them to a landfill.
Matter of Trust is an amazing organization.  Please enjoy the videos and be impressed!View of Grand Traverse Bay

Check out their website to get information about their services and products at  thenewlookoforganics.com

Welcome to the Eve Organics family!