Wedding Day Makeup Tips

by Todra Payne June 27, 2016 0 Comments

Wedding Day Makeup Tips

Have you ever looked at a bride, trapped under copious amounts of makeup, and said, “Who did that to her?” Wedding day makeup can be a tricky endeavor. You want to look your absolute best, but you shouldn’t look like someone entirely different.

Here are six tips and tricks to look amazing without looking like a caricature of yourself.

  • Choose one feature to make your focal point. I know a lot of online tutorials are doing three eyeshadow colors, false lashes, contouring, ombre lips, etc. all at once. Most people look crazy doing that. Just saying. Choosing lips or eyes or cheekbones to play up and making everything else soft and pretty makes for timeless photos and a much more natural look in the present.
  • Curl your lashes. I know eyelash curlers look like Medieval torture devices, but once you get the hang of them, they’re wonderful. Curling your lashes make you look more awake and glamorous all at once. What could be better?
  • Make sure your foundation and concealer are the right colors. Even with good sunblock, you can get a little bit of color in the warmer months, so the foundation you’ve been using since November may not be the right shade. Same goes for concealer. Apply your products and look at them in natural daylight. Do you see a marked difference between your face and your neck? Does your concealer look like bright circles around your eyes? You may be able to even it out with a slighter darker powder, but if it’s drastic, getting foundation and concealer in the correct shades will be the best option.
  • Skip tanning and use a natural bronzer. I don’t know where it says brides have to have a beach glow in order to walk down the aisle, but if the thought of a tan-less wedding day makes you cringe, go with a bronzer that looks like a soft glowy tan. Apply sparingly, careful not to get it on your gown. Choose one sans sparkles because no one reflects light when they’re tanned.
  • Choose the correct brush for the job at hand. I know it’s tempting to use your powder brush for every application, but don’t. Makeup applied with the right tools look more professional and take less time, which you’ll be thankful for on your big day.
  • Practice your wedding day look A LOT to get your application smooth and flawless. No one wants to walk down the aisle looking like a Pinterest fail. If you’re re-creating a celebrity look, keep in mind a professional with years of experience and a brush set that would make da Vinci jealous probably styled it, AND it’s retouched several miles past reality. So don’t take those photos too literally. Have fun!

Todra Payne
Todra Payne