We Need Your Input!

by 12 March 10, 2010 0 Comments

All Pinks2 HIGH RES This may not be the type of post you'd expect on our blog, but we need input and help!  In our quest to continuously become more sustainable and keep our products safe for our customers, we have been searching for almost 3 years now for more sustainable packaging for our skin care products.  Right now, we use the best choice in plastic.  We chose not to use glass because most people don't like the idea of glass in the bathroom.  Also, glass is heavier and shipping is therefore more expensive and less earth-friendly.

We have been looking for jars, bottles and tubes or any other type of eco-friendly packaging ~ post-consumer recycled plastic, corn-based plastic, recycled cardboard, bamboo, etc.

I know you are primarily customers and not vendors, but I know our customers care and have great ideas and contacts.  You never know.  If any of you have ideas on packaging, contacts who deal with this type of packaging or even articles or other companies that you think may help with this, please let us know!

My email is info@eveorganics.net

I would appreciate any insight on the subject. . . I know you'll come through!  Thank you in advance.