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VANESSA doesn't like FOUNDATION. Here's why she likes ours...

March 23, 2022 5 min read



Here’s my dirty little beauty secret. I don’t wear foundation. I never have. I have tried, really but I hate it. The only way I can describe how foundation feels on my skin is stifling. I feel like skin is being smothered and it can only breathe if I wash my face. I tried a lot of different foundations over the years. I tried popular drug store brands through word of mouth. Before social media you had to hear it from a woman who actually bought it, had to wear it, and then you had to physically be in her presence to learn about it. I have tried high end department store brands. I jumped on the MAC Studio Fix bandwagon and really hated that. I have tried Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier and NARS. The closest I came to liking foundation was Giorgio Armani. When his beauty line debuted, I was living in Chicago and you could only buy it at Saks 5th Avenue. I was definitely buying above my means. His make-up is actually gorgeous and well made but I just could not justify my lack of interest in foundation with the price. But for a brief shining moment my skin did look flawless thanks to Giorgio. If I am being really honest I didn’t even use concealer for a long time either. I thought that it was thick and weird. It pulled my skin and most definitely never matched my skin. I did however in my 30’s buy a Make Up Forever pencil that was supposed to be kind of a highlighting pencil. Like for under and above your just waxed eyebrows or around your lips to accentuate the shape. It just happened to be the perfect shade to use a concealer pencil. Since I’m being real it is in my make-up drawer right now.I'm 50 and they don't make it anymore. It is still as creamy and soft as the day I bought it. 

When I began using Eve Organics skincare and make-up I just avoided the subject of foundation all together. When the translucent balancing powder came out, it intrigued me. I received a sample, fell in love and never thought about foundation ever again. I do have the new formula of EO concealer and I like it quite a bit. I am still a spot concealer, you won’t be seeing my contouring tutorial on Youtube anytime soon. So between those two products, I figured I was set. When I do wear a full face a make-up (which seemed weird to type because it’s been so long, thanks Pandemic) my canvas is EO concealer on my spots, translucent balancing powder, EO blush usually in Bliss (but I also love POP of pink and Sultry) some light bronzer. I like a bold lip and a swipe of color on my eyes either using a shadow or a pencil or both. Finish with mascara. I comb my eyebrows, I don’t color them. My days of waxing and drawing and coloring are over. I trim them and comb them and make sure I don’t look like Walter Matthau and go about my life. SO! Cheryl challenged me to try the EO foundation with the new expanded colors. She had me pick what I thought were the shades closest to my skin tone and she sent me samples. I was to follow the Foundation Matching 101 instructions on the website and find my shade and then try the foundation. Challenge accepted.

First off, The Foundation Matching 101 could not be easier! I highly recommend getting yourself some samples and trying it. I chose for myself, based on the awesome new photographs of the foundation on REAL people Light Neutral, Light Olive, Medium Neutral, and Medium Tan. First impressions right at first swipe is that the pure mineral loose foundation felt very soft on my face. I like that. Second is they are very easy to blend with my fingers as I did a test spot on my hand. I am officially a mix of Light Neutral and Light Olive. I believe this is my winter skin color. If it were summer, when my skin is darker, I am sure the warmer Medium shades would blend in perfectly. The next day I washed my face with EO clarity cleanser, used my age defying serum and moisturizer and using one of the sample lids mixed equal parts-ish of both colors, then using a brush I put it all over my face making sure to cover the red and the dark spots. I used a bigger slightly fluffy brush and I blended, and then blended some more. I then put on some tinted lip balm and went about my day. First off, I had an even skin tone that was all me. There was a definite before and after. Second, it wasn’t sitting on top of my pores and wrinkles saying Look! She’s old! Third, and most importantly I forgot I had it on. That’s a big deal. 

The next day I tried the powder mineral foundation mixed with my moisturizer for a custom tinted moisturizer. I loved it! I put equal parts-ish of each color in my hand and 3 pumps of my age defying moisturizer and mixed it in my hand. I put it on like I would my moisturizer. It was more sheer than just using the foundation by itself, but it still evened out my skin tone. I blended everything with my hand. I didn’t use concealer, just the tinted moisturizer. My skin felt soft and moisturized. I don’t mind it being sheer, as a little of my redness showed but not much. This tinted moisturizer felt more like something I would do daily. Just like the foundation alone, I forgot I had it on! In both instances my best friend asked me if I had done the foundation challenge? I was like YES! Today! She just thought my skin looked better because I had primed it and was ready to start. I think that’s a great compliment, she didn’t notice, which meant I picked the right colors and it blended it well.

I think this was a super successful challenge. I feel like for me if I were going somewhere special (and It is my sincere hope that those days return) I would use the foundation all by itself with the concealer. For everyday use I will most definitely be blending and using my custom tinted moisturizer with a bold lip, maybe a bit of cheek color, and of course, combed and trimmed eyebrows. Most importantly, I don’t hate foundation anymore, well I don’t hate Eve Organics Pure Mineral Foundation, that’s for sure.

Photo, going clockwise starting upper left

Testing the 4 sample shades

Blending the light neutral and light olive on my cheek (Can’t see it, can you??!?)

Freshly washed face with nothing on it
Custom mix of foundation applied with brush and tinted lip balm.


Light Neutral and Light Olive Foundation $2 for sample size $32 for full size (9 grams)

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