The 2008 Emmy Awards Secret Room Gifting Lounge

by 12 September 30, 2008 0 Comments

We had such a great time at the Emmy's Gifting Suite!  We met a bunch of celebrities and media (and got to have dinner with my son while we were on the west coast!)  Everyone was extremely gracious and easy to talk to.  We got the word out about the "Dirty Dozen Ingredients" and had a ball while we were at it.Celebrity_gift_room2254_2 

Here is my partner Heather and I, along with Ashley Greene (Alice from Twilight).  What a sweet girl!  She was very interested in safe cosmetics and keeping her skin healthy and clear.

Good Luck with the movie Ashley!


Here is Lynda with Edyta Sliwinska of Dancing with the Stars.  Lynda's daughters are DWTS fanatics!  They're going to love this picture!


This is the newest, hottest up and coming all-around dancer/actor in the business  ~ my son, Eric Sherrod. 

He is a college student and has done extra work on The Office and Beverly Hills 90210.  One day, I'll be looking up his bio! lol

The day after the gifting suite, we were able to have a day to browse the esthetics/spa convention.  It was interesting to see the companies that claim that they are "all natural" or "organic", but still have parabens in their products, or claim to be scented with "pure essential oils" and have strawberry/kiwi as the scent.

Did you know that the cosmetic/skin care industry has virtually no regulations when it comes to what they cannot put into their ingredients?  This is where "green washing" comes in again.  A product only needs to have 1% naturally derived ingredients for it to be called "natural."  Pretty amazing hugh?  And what is the point of using some organic ingredients if you are also using chemical fillers and/or preservatives?  Let me guess -- PROFITS?