Skin Care: One Easy Step for Glowing Skin

by 12 July 24, 2009 0 Comments

Of all the things you can do to keep your skin looking bright and glowing, the most important things you can do on a regular basis is exfoliate.  And, it's easier than ever.  A good exfoliation sweeps away dead skin cells and leaves skin with a beautiful glow.

All exfoliants are not created equal.  Many exfoliants contain sharp, abrasive particles that can create miniature scratches and abrasions.  Try to stay away from any products that have crushed walnuts, kernels or anything that feels sharp when rubbed on the palm of your hand.  Instead try products that contain soft jojoba beads, oatmeal or sugar, which are much more gentle on the delicate facial skin. 

Try to keep a rountine of exfoliating 1-2 times a week after cleansing the face.  Tone well after the exfoliation and follow up with a good moisturizer.

Regular exfoliation allows the skin to be more receptive to the active ingredients in skin care products.  This means all of your skin care products will work more effectively.

Exfoliation is one simple, inexpensive step that makes a world of difference in the health and look of your skin.

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