Shelbi's Natural "Night Out" Look

by 12 March 18, 2010 0 Comments

Shelbi has been using Eve Organics since it's inception and is always coming up with new looks with her makeup.  She stopped by last week to show me her latest eye look.  And it looks fabulous!  Following is a step by step look at her application and the colors she used:

1.  First, Shelbi used Champagne all over her lid and up to her eyebrows as a base.


2.  Second, she used Copper all over the lid and Angel on the inner corner of the eyelid (upper and lower).

Shelbi2 Then, added Silky Cocoa to the crease for depth.  After she applied all of the colors, Shelbi used a brush to blend the colors together, so that there were no visible dividing lines between the colors.

Remember when applying the eyeshadow first off to pat it on to the lid.  When you go back to blend, you can blend with a q-tip, your finger or a blender brush.


3.  Then, she put a drop of water in the lid of her shadow container and mixed Wicked into it to make a paste.  Using the slanted liner brush, she applied it as eyeliner on the top and bottom lids.

WARNING:  Shelbi has extremely long eyelashes.  So, you may be shocked at the picture that is following (after she applied her mascara). 

Mascara results are not typical (unfortunately, I have no way of being able to duplicate this with any of my products).  A little sarcasm for the day.  :-)

4.  So, as you've guessed, mascara is the final step and the look is complete.  I love the natural look of this color combination, yet it still gives her a little more dramatic effect for evening.

Ta da!

Do you have any Eve Organics color combinations you like to use?

Leave a comment and tell us your favorite!Shelbi4