Quick Makeup Fixes That Work Every Time

by Todra Payne January 28, 2017 0 Comments

Quick Makeup Fixes That Work Every Time

We’ve all had those days when we need to be out the door in ten, but we’re having a bad makeup day. These are similar to bad hair days, only you can’t put a hat on your face and pretend you’re being stylish. Here are six hacks to help you look pulled together even when your makeup isn’t cooperating.

CHALLENGE: Your foundation looks dry and cakey - Winter temperatures can sometimes wreak havoc on your skin, leaving dry, patchy areas that don’t hold foundation well - particularly powders.

Quick Fix: If you haven’t yet applied your foundation, moisturize your skin and then mix a little of your daytime moisturizer with your foundation to get a boost of moisture with your application. Apply with a foundation brush and skip the finishing powder. Your skin will look dewy and touchable. If you have already applied your foundation and notice it looks like you dipped your face in flour, close your eyes and spritz your face with a moisturizing toner. Problem solved!

CHALLENGE: Your mascara is dried up - You know you’re supposed to replace your mascara every 90 days, but what if you have a mascara that dried up after just 30 days? And you know there’s more in that little tube, but you can’t get to it!

Quick Fix: Try putting a few eye drops or saline solution (designed for contact lenses) inside the tube and use the wand to distribute it. Apply as usual.

CHALLENGE: You have the perfect lip color for your outfit, but it’s a matte lipstick and you really want to wear a soft, shiny gloss

Quick Fix: Grab a drop of olive or coconut oil and dab on your lips before swiping with your matte lipstick. If the matte lip color is super long lasting, add oil on top, as well. Alternately, you can use a beautiful, clear or neutral lip gloss if you have one.

CHALLENGE: You applied your blush too heavily - Isn’t this annoying? You’re standing in the bathroom mirror dashing through your makeup routine and you’re almost done, but no! You’ve just swiped your blush across your face like Raggedy Anne.

Quick Fix: Don’t panic. Grab your powder brush and dab a little face powder over top of your colorful cheeks. Then take a clean flat top brush and buff it out. No one will ever know.

CHALLENGE: Your concealer isn’t covering extreme dark circles - Working overtime on that big project may show up as undereye circles. Your fat paycheck is a bonus, but going out with friends on Friday night looking like you were in a boxing ring, isn’t.

Quick Fix: If you don’t have a color corrector, try dusting a little bit of a sparkle eye shadow (like skin tones) or copper eye shadow (dark skin tones) into your concealer and apply with a small concealer brush underneath your eyes. The light reflecting quality of the shadow will help the area look brighter. You’re welcome.

Todra Payne
Todra Payne