Make Your Own Skin Smoothing Scrub

by 12 October 01, 2009 0 Comments

During the autumn months, as the seasons change, so does our skin, especially the delicate facial skin.  The furnace turns on and dries out our skin; the blustery wind kicks up and dries out the skin; and we tend to drink less water which . . you got it . . . dries out our skin.

Here is a great make-at-home mask that is perfect for exfoliating and smoothing the skin (and it's not expensive to make).  The oatmeal helps breaks down impurities and the bran gently lifts them from the skin.


Bran and Oatmeal Scrub (Make Fresh for Each Use)

1/2 c. bran

1/2 c. oatmeal

2 Tblsp. whole milk (maybe more)

2 drops frankincense (optional)

Mix together the dry ingredients.  Add frankincense to milk and add little by little to the bran and oatmeal mixture until you get a looser consistency than a thick bowl of breakfast oatmeal so that it is easy to handle.  If you need a little more milk, add it a drop or so at a time.

Apply handfuls of mixture to face and massage into the skin.  Use leftovers on thighs or buttocks!  Rinse with luke warm water.