Love to Garden But Hate Dirty Nails?

by 12 August 06, 2009 0 Comments

Ok - I found another great tip for all of us gardeners who hate those dirt-embedded nails that are inevitable, even when you wear gloves.

Listen to this  . . . so simple, yet, I know at least I've never heard of it before.

Gardner Hand 

All you need to do is scrape your nails along a bar of soap prior to putting your gardening gloves on.  You can save one bar for this one particular purpose so that all the soap cakes in your house don't end up looking like the cat attacked them. The soap will fill the underside of the nail as well as the gaps in the nail beds, creating a barrier AND they'll be easier to clean when you're done in the dirt!

If you really don't want to scrape up a bar of soap, I have a tip for you too!  Wear two layers of gloves, the first rubber or latex and gardening gloves on top.  It may be a little warm in there, but you'll be dirt free for dinner!