Introducing Eve Organics' "Neopolitan" Collection

by 12 March 30, 2011 0 Comments

Introducing . . . the long awaited Neopolitan collection!

Bubbles blog Glam blog Stormy blog

The Eyeshadows:  Bubbles, Glam and Stormy.  Colors that can be worn by anybody.  Bubbles is beautiful as an eyeshadow or blush.  Glam is more gold than in the picture.  Very translucent when applied and shimmery.  Stormy is a beautiful slate gray matte.  Perfect for the crease when more drama is wanted for a "statement."

Bubblegum blog Tawny blog MiamiSunrise blog

The Lip Glosses:  Bubblegum, Tawny and Miami SunriseBubblegum is the sister color to Bubbles; a beautiful "Barbie" pink.  Tawny is a beautiful nude color with less pink in it than the "Cool Nude" gloss.  Miami Sunrise is an awesome coral color.  It looks fantastic with any skin tone, and even mature skin!

Let us know what you think of the new collection.  We are so excited for 2011!