How to Apply a Holiday Smoky Eye

by Todra Payne November 29, 2016 0 Comments

How to Apply a Holiday Smoky Eye

With party invites streaming in, the holidays are the perfect time to find your inner glam girl. The clothing stores are pushing glitter and vibrant red everything, from sweaters to panties. I’ll admit, I love pulling out the shimmery dresses and donning my deepest, reddest lips imageable. If you enjoy getting glammed up for the holidays with gorgeous dresses and full on makeup, but you’re worried your smoky eye will look like you were punched in the eye, here’s a guideline to help you step out like a celeb.

Nothing says the holidays like the perfect smoky eye (mistletoe and holly come in at a close second, and third). But unless you’re Kim K, you’re probably not wearing a smoky eye look on the daily, so you might be rusty. Fear not. Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. An eyelash curler. With any look that focuses on the eyes, an eyelash curler is a must. In one small motion, this wonder tool opens the eyes and makes them look bigger and sexier. You can choose the old school contraction that looks like a Medieval torture device (I promise it isn’t), or the new fangle ones that are smaller and heat up to curl lashes faster. They’re comparable in price, but the latter makes you look high maintenance. That’s always a bonus for me.
  2. Black or brown eyeliner. I know most smoky eye looks are shown with a black base, but you can actually use any dark liner, as long as the eye shadow colors you use are complementary. Take your dark liner and circle your eye as close to the lash line as possible. If you’re up for it, place the line inside your upper eyelid just above your lashes. This takes a little bit of practice, but it makes your overall look much more professional. Note: a pot gel liner can be used for this, as well. It may even have longer lasting power as you dance the night away.
  3. A dark eye shadow. Take either a dark blue, black or plum shadow (depending on the color liner you used) and apply it with a stiff brush over the liner. Be sure to dust off any excess so you don’t end up with flakes underneath your eye. Blend it beautifully from the inside to the outside to get a “fluffier” look around the eyes. Take the color just a little over the crease of the top lids and blend some more. If you want to be fancy, you can choose a second medium tone color to blend into the crease just above the dark color. This is an advanced step that you don’t have to do. A smoky eye looks great with just two eyeshadow colors if they’re blended gradually from darker to softer as you go up the eye towards the brow. Be sure to stop the color just above the crease.
  4. A light shade of shimmery eye shadow. Try Sparkle on light skin or Champagne on dark skin to add just a pop of sheen along your brow bone. Apply it with a soft brush and blend.
  5. A fluffy, clean brush. Use a big, clean brush to blend from one shade to the other seamlessly.
  6. Clean up any eyeshadow that dropped under your eyes with a cotton swab dabbed in makeup remover. Allow to dry.
  7. Add undereye concealer in the appropriate color for your skin and finish off the look with several coats of black mascara. If you want extra drama, apply false lashes. You’ll be the belle of the ball.


Todra Payne
Todra Payne