How to Acheive a Smokey Eye Look

by 12 February 08, 2009 0 Comments

Acheiving a smokey eye look is easier than it sounds.  It only takes a few steps.  Playing around with color will give different degrees of a smokey eye, but the basics are all you need to know.

1.  Put a large dab of setting powder underneath both eyes in case of eyeshadow overspray while applying your smokey eyes.  Don't blend it in.

2.  Make sure you apply a lid primer or base on the lid from lashline to eyebrow with either the wet/dry eyeshadow brush or the angled blender.  This gives you a blank canvas to work with, eliminating any oily or tacky areas.

3.  Use a dark grey, brown, black or navy eyeshadow color to cover your entire eyelid from lashline to the crease with any eyeshadow brush.  If you like, you could go a little less dense at the inside corner near the nose.  Reapply if needed to acheive the depth of color you prefer.

4.  Using the same color eyeliner as the eyeshadow you just applied, line lashes near the root on upper and lower lids.  Use either a smudging brush or q-tip, blend eyeliner so that it smudges into eyeshadow and there is no longer a distinct line.

5.  Lastly, using the wet/dry eyeshadow brush again, apply the eyeshadow over the eyeliner.

6.  Using a very large brush, brush away setting powder from under the eyes.  This should leave a clean beautiful area without any eyeshadow where you don't want it.  Apply mascara and hit the town!

When you get comfortable with the application process, start using other colors to play up the drama, maybe a little fairydust or limelight in the center of the upper lid.  The possibilities are endless!