Health Freedom Expo - Schaumburg, IL

by 12 July 03, 2008 0 Comments

OK, two shows in a matter of two months!  We're on a roll!  This weekend we attended the Health Freedom Expo in Schaumburg, IL, a suburb of Chicago.  We had a little more time to get out and see the other exhibitors at this show.  Attendance was about 7,000 over two days, but what great contacts we made!

One of our newest partnerships is with Studio Within Salon and Spa, located at 3000 North Sheffield, a few minutes north of downtown Chicago.  In the next few months, Studio Within is completely revamping its salon and spa from the inside-out and will re-bloom as a "green spa".  They will begin remodeling by repainting with water based, eco-friendly paint, and adding green materials wherever possible.  The remodeling doesn't end with the structure.  All services are being revamped also, such as hair color is now done with ammonia-free hair color, hair trimmings are donated to produce absorbent pillows for oil-spill cleanup and, of course, the makeup line is free of parabens, bismuth oxychloride and fillers ~ Eve Organics!

Two of the products at this show were of particular interest to me.  I had been looking for the following:

  • A good deodorant that didn't have too strong of an inherent odor, but still worked at keeping perspiration odor at bay, and

    What I foundNatural Plantation Purslane Deodorant.  This deodorant doesn't really smell too much when applied; whatever scent is there is gone pretty quick.  The great part about it is that it has no dangerous ingredients and it works!  Obviously, since there is no anti-perspirant, it doesn't stop the sweat, but the sweat doesn't smell.

    My husband has been getting bad rashes/raised reactions from regular anti-perspirant deodorants and, after using this only for a few days, he already sees a difference.  This is a keeper!
  • A daily vitamin/mineral with as much nutrition as possible packed into one serving.  (I am terrible at remembering to take vitamins/pills throughout the day.)

    What I foundHeartland Naturals Omega GreensOh my!  These greens mix with water.  They are a whole food (all ingredients coming from organic fruits and vegetables.  The greens have a berry flavor and include Omega 3s, are high in Vitamin C and are rated very high in ORAC value.  They even have single serving packets to throw in your purse and will send out sample packets to give them a try.  Another winner!