Guilted into Organic?

by 12 February 05, 2009 0 Comments


I just read an article that said (in a nutshell) people feel as if the organic companies are basically guilting consumers into purchasing organic products.  I understand there are extremes, but I think most of the companies releasing scary statistics are only trying to make the public aware, not impose guilt. 

In the latter part of the 20th century, industry grew at such a rate that most new ingredients (which were never used before on such a large scale in everyday products), were never tested for long term effects on the human body.  These ingredients were being used so that products would last forever on shelves so that profits didn't slide if products didn't sell as quickly as hoped. This goes for food ingredients (hydrogenated trans fats, saccharin, etc.) as well as personal care products (petrochemicals, phthalates, etc.).  

Now that studies are revealing the negative impact of such ingredients, organic companies actually are trying to drive home the idea that we, as a consumer group, need to realize that something got out of hand and went wrong.  And, if individuals don't start caring about what is in the products they purchase, the epidemic of health problems plaguing the US will only grow exponentially.  This cycle needs to be reversed. 

Unfortunately, the passion may come off as trying to make consumers feel guilty.  I don't believe that is the intent.  At least here at Eve Organics, our mission is to educate.  This even comes before sales.  We feel that women (and men) need to be informed about the purchases they make.  We built this country on the foundation of freedom.  Consumers cannot make free choices if they are unaware of the differences in ingredients, etc.  Because the focus of advertising is to sell, there is not normally an awareness about ingredients at all. 

We feel that if you are armed with information, you have the freedom to choose.  And, you have every right to choose organic or conventional.  But, if you have no idea about what the ingredients in these products are known to be linked to or what side effects they are known to cause, you can't make an informed decision.  That is not freedom.  (my two cents)