Guest Blogger VANESSA PENNA talks about MOISTURIZER!

Vanessa is a long time fan and user of Eve Organics Beauty, and a self-professed beauty junkie.  She loves beauty products of all kinds, and brings a fresh prospective to our little brand. 

I love to moisturize! It’s a good thing too because in winter you need to moisturize, constantly. Your face! Your body! Your hair! Your lips! I have been a ROUGE girl for 10+ years and have known Cheryl longer.  I love Eve Organics Beauty products. A wise woman (my Mom!) once told me that using a moisturizer daily was the best insurance a woman can buy. Truer words have never been said. I have been moisturizing my face since I was 16 rears old and I am so thankful I listened to her back when I was a teenager, because well, you know teenagers, there was a 50/50 chance I wold have done the opposite. These are the products I really use and are excellent to help with Dry January, February, and let’s be real March, too. 

The best, and mean the best facial moisturizing combination I have ever used in the history of EVER is the Absolute Age Defy moisturizer and serum combination. I had been a Balance Moisturizer girl for most of those 10 years using it in combination with the Absolute Age Defy serum and I thought that was my forever skin combination. But I got older and peri-menopause hit and the Age Defy Moisturizer, which is new to the EOB family was exactly what my new old skin needed. It is 100% vegan and 75% organic which I love, no harsh ingredients or scary chemicals here. It contains DMAE (a liquid derived from plants that improves skin tone)which reduces fine lines and lifts skin as well as OptiMSM (sulfur containing compound derived from plants with anti-inflammatory properties) which is helps with redness and puffiness, and lots of healthy extracts to hydrate and soothe the skin. My favorite part is its weightlessness. It easily absorbs into my face, neck and décolletage.

The embrāce Absolute Age Defy serum is my favorite product of all time. As the young beauty Youtubers say, it is a HOLY GRAIL product for me. I can’t live without it. My skin drinks it up! My skin loves it and looks better after I put it on. The cumulative effects are apparent. It’s not obvious to others, but I know that this serum has made a difference especially in my 40’s and now, ahem, as I enter my 50’s. I love the way it smells and feels. On days when I know I’m not leaving the house, I make sure I put on this serum, if I’m going to short cut my routine. 

The Rose Day Cream is another great moisturizer I use when I need a little extra. We all have those days when we need a little extra something. Besides slathering it on for the ultimate in hydration, it has helped with my Mom’s rosacea as well as when I accidentally get extra sun in summer. Rose Day Cream works better than anything for light sunburns, even with sunscreen on. I learned that it is the neroli extract that has such healing benefits for our skin. Thank goodness for Neroli extract!

A new-sh product that I use everyday in my routine is the Hair and Body oil. I use it primarily for my hair but any extra on my hands goes into the elbows or knees or places that need a little extra help. I have thick curly hair that needs a lot of moisture. This oil I use on my wet hair when I air dry and before and after when I blow dry my hair. It helps protect it from heat styling and also adds shine and helps de-frizz. As hair obsessed as I am this easily fit right into my after shower hair rituals. Plus I love the smell! Coconut oil with frankincense and bergamot appeals directly to the glam hippie inside of me. I love, love this product. 

Hi, my name is Vanessa and I am a lip balm junkie. I have a drawer of lip balms and included in that draw are EOB lip balms. I use the tinted ones during the day.  I have been wearing the peppermint lip balm to bed every night for as long as I can remember. I also layer it under lipstick. It is just an easy and no fuss balm that is organic and moisturizing and I like the peppermint tingle.

Last but not least, the body lotions. I highly recommend getting the Deluxe sample kit and trying all the flavors. Thats what I did to find my faves, which included Desert Skies and Midnight Garden as well as Valencia Grove. You know those little tiny bumps we get on our skin the never seem to go away? Keratosis Pilaris (or KP) I have had all my life. I lotioned and lotioned and they never went away. What I did not know and recently found out is you need a lotion with some kind of acid in it like hyaluronic acid. All the Eve Organics Beauty body lotions, except for Lavender contain hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. Since using the body lotions I have noticed a significant decrease in those bumps, they aren’t gone completely but they are on their way. I have EOB body lotion to thank for that. Plus my skin is soft and I smell good! I also have been known to layer scents as well as layer it with the body oil when I’m feeling fancy. 

I am a self proclaimed beauty junkie and in the past I was a victim of limited edition gimmicks and packaging. Maybe packaging still, if I’m being honest. As I got older, my priorities changed and my style got refined to kind of what it is today and with that I transitioned all my skincare, make-up, and hair care to truly clean products. Do I own a Chanel lipstick? Of course, I am human woman with a heart and eyes, but 95% of the products I use are cruelty free, vegan, organic, free of sulfates and parabens and all the other junky stuff I used to consume.  Eve Organics Beauty really helped me make that transition. What I learned from Cheryl, ROUGE, and the EOB products I use, helped inform me of what I needed to look for in other products, as well. I have curated for myself, what I think is the best of what I need for any occasion with the exception of maybe 2, or 3 or 40 lipsticks, all vegan except for that Chanel.


Absolute Age Defying Moisturizer $42 and Serum $68

Rose Day Cream $42


Hair and Body Oil $32


Lip Balm $5-7


Body Lotion $26 for Kit $32 for 4oz jar

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