Green Festival - Navy Pier, Chicago

by 12 May 21, 2008 0 Comments

Wow!  What a whirlwind.  We just attended the Chicago Green Festival at Navy Pier.  The Green Festivals are a collaborative of eco-friendly businesses and products from fair-trade jewelry to raw foods.  Eve Organics was the only green cosmetic company in the house and it was fabulously crazy!  The attendance level was approximately 35,000 over three days and the five of us never sat down. 

Green_festival___set_up_3We were honored to have our products spotlighted as one of a few on Ginger's Green Scene (Channel 5) in Chicago that same weekend. 

It is amazing to see the number of consumers becoming more conscious about the products they purchase and the ingredients those products contain.  Because of this shift to consumer awareness, many of the major corporations are jumping on the "green washing" bandwagon.  In an effort to retain their sales of the past, these companies are intentionally skewing the wording in advertising and packaging to give the perception of their products' safety or healthfulness, although virtually no changes have been made to their products whatsoever.  Unfortunately, rules are so lax when it comes to claims of being "natural" or "from nature," etc., fancy wording and creative advertising are leading consumers to believe that these goods are healthier and safer choices for themselves and their familes.  These consumers then are unknowingly still purchasing the same unsafe products that were known to be linked to health conditions and diseases.

Green_festival_set_up_4Because these misrepresentations are becoming more and more clear to me in recent months, I have now vowed to make it my mission to research, read and educate consumers about unsafe ingredients, unethical practices and anything else that comes to mind regarding the personal care industry and its products.  Obviously, we would love for everyone to purchase our products, but the bigger truth is that we would love to have every consumer knowledgable about product ingredients so that they can make an informed decision about the products they purchase, so that they feel liberated and not "duped" because of flowery advertising and untruthful labeling.

So, it is my opinion that authentic eco- and socio-conscious companies, now more than ever, need to educate consumers regarding these issues.

After this weekend's show, it's nice to know there are many truly conscious companies.  We are outnumbered, but I believe we will prevail!