FREE Product Wednesday - Sultry Blush

by 12 March 11, 2009 0 Comments

We received an email this week from Linda.  Linda wrote:Mineral Makeup Pic - Blush Sultry

Honestly, I was afraid to try the loose mineral foundation because I just couldn't imagine how it couldn't make my face look flaky because I had such dry skin.  I read your instructions in your blog on how to make the minerals a liquid so I thought I'd give it a try.

I loved it!  Now that I have been using it as a liquid, I stepped out on a tightrope and actually used the loose minerals once to see how it looked.  I can't believe that it didn't make me look dry!  I don't even mix it into a liquid anymore.  My face looks healthy and not dry just using it loose.

Linda won our Sultry Blush for this week's FREE Product Wednesday.

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