FREE Product Wednesday - Rewind Ultimate Skin Food & Firming Serum

by 12 February 18, 2009 0 Comments

We received a call from Pat this week.  Pat wanted to let us know how much she absolutely loved our new Fortifying Eye Repair Cream.  Pat took our advice when she first purchased our new eye cream and started using it as an eye makeup remover.  She lives in Florida and tends to have very dry skin.  As she began using the eye cream on a regular basis, the area she applied the cream to got larger and larger by the day.  Now, she uses it as an all over face cream -- her skin cried for it.  Now, it is her favorite product. 

Pat is the winner of this week's FREE Product Wednesday giveaway ~ Rewind Ultimate Skin Food & Firming Serum.  Coincidently, this is a perfect compliment for dry/mature skin.

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