FREE Product Wednesday - Champagne Eyeshadow

by 12 June 03, 2009 0 Comments

This week's FREE Product Wednesday giveaway - Champagne Eyeshadow goes to Evelyn in Mt. Pleasant, MI.  Evelyn ordered some sample foundation colors a few weeks ago.  She called me after she had a chance to try them. 

Evelyn started out by mentioning that she had so many different mineral foundations by different companies that her dresser was completely covered in jars.  She was searching for a color that matched her skin tone.  Evelyn is asian and has a hard time finding foundation that isn't too pink or cakey looking on her face.

After trying the sample of our Medium Golden Foundation, Evelyn called to tell me how her husband even noticed how great her skin looked!  She's finally come to the end of her search!

PR Photos Medium Golden

Thank you Evelyn for your personal story! 

Keep your tips, tricks and testimonials coming!  Send me an email at and you may win next week's FREE Product Wednesday giveaway - our newest blush color - Bliss Blush!