Eyeliner Tricks Make Your Eyes Look Their Best

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Black Eyeliner on Eye We all have parts of our face we would like to manipulate a little bit - small lips, droopy smile, etc.  Following are some great ways to create an illusion of a different eye shape or position, all with the use of one makeup product - Eyeliner.

If You Have:

Deep-Set Eyes:
To make the eyes appear to be brought forward, line your upper lash line with pale, shimmery liner or shadow (light colors appear to bring features forward). Then line the outer edge of your lower lash with a soft, neutral shade (gray or taupe). This will create the illusion of a less heavy lid.

Small Eyes:
To make the eyes appear larger, draw a thin dark line along lashes, starting near the nose, gradually thickening at outer edge of the eye (this draws the attention outward, giving the illusion of width). Use a lighter colored liner or shadow (gold, silver, white) and draw under lower lash (light colors bring features forward, so this makes eyes look open wider).

Close-Set Eyes:
To make eyes appear farther apart, line the outer third of your upper eyelids with gray, brown, or black liner (this again draws the attention outward, giving the illusion of width). Smudge gently. Use a lighter colored liner on the inner portions of your eye to give the illusion of a wider the space between eyes.

Drooping Eyes:
To make the eyes look more "lifted", line outer third of eye very close to your eyelashes and carefully lift the line up at the corner of the eye. Be careful not to bring the liner too far out past the end of your lash line.

Do you have any tips on how to use eyeliner for specific purposes?  Leave us a comment.  We love to hear from you.

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