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Below is an excerpt from an email we received from one of our loyal customers. It's always nice to hear your experiences, reflecting honest feedback of our products! 

Final Balance Large Set copy Hi, I met Sharon at the Green Festival in Chicago, and I told her how much I loved the products, and she wanted me to send my testimonial, so here it is :) 

I got the first samples of Eve Organics Balance line at the Chicago Green Festival two years ago.  I wasn't really in the market for an expensive organic skin care product, and to be honest, just took the samples because they were there.  We live simply and I seldom spend more where I can spend less.  However, since moving to Chicago from a different, humid and warm part of the country, I noticed that my complexion has been struggling.  Speaking of my complexion:  it is naturally beautiful when my skin is healthy.  It's fair, but does not burn, and I always have a fresh pink glow on my cheeks.  Well, those things don't look great when my skin is too dry and oily - the pink glow becomes red blotchiness and paleness turns into dark undereye circles.

My T-zone is rather oily and my cheeks are almost dry, or sometimes normal, depending on the time of year.  After being pregnant and nursing for four years, the health of my skin really suffered.  I noticed that when I tried using makeup, it really ran on my nose and forehead and caked on my cheeks, what a disappointment!

Well, back to the little samples from Green Festival two years ago.  The first time I used the Balance Cleanser, I thought it smelled nice.  When I applied the Balance Moisturizer, I noticed that a little went a long way and it smelled very good. 

The next day I could not believe my eyes, or more actually my hands; my skin felt normal.  It felt like my skin and nothing else.  No oil, no dry patches on my cheeks, no yucky residue like various products I've used over the years.  Yay!

I have been using the Balance line ever since.  It is definitely something I have to budget for.  I have never found brand-name skin care products worth their price.  I didn't find them to be more effective than the cheap stuff from the grocery stores.

Not so with Eve Organics. I cannot tell you what the magic ingredient is.  Maybe there is no magic, and just honest to goodness high quality oils or something, but it really, really works for me.  So, I have to budget for this like I have to budget for my supplements.  Having a healthy complexion is part of my overall well-being.  I find that one order lasts me about 4-6 months, and I run out of the moisturizer first, because it's my favorite ;)

I never used to use a toner; I thought it would be a waste of cotton rounds, time and money.  But I love the Balance toner in the spray bottle!  When it's really hot and I've been busy, I just spray some right on my face and it feels great.  Also, for a random breakout I get from fluctuating hormones, an extra spray of toner helps a lot.  I find the spray toner bottle very economical, and of the three products, it lasts the longest.

Thank you Eve Organics from me and my soft, healthy skin.


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