Don't Want to Switch from Liquid Foundation?

by 12 September 17, 2008 0 Comments

Liquid foundations in general are terrible for your skin and can cause acne and skin irritation.  Then, a need to cover up the imperfections arises and so is the vicious circle.  Some are not willing to leave the "feel" of liquid foundation.  Mineral makeup feels as if nothing is on the skin and some simply would rather feel the foundation to know it's there and doing it's job.

Well, I have the perfect solution!  Disclaimer:  I would not suggest this for any other company's products unless you know for sure that the ingredients are safe and contain no irritants. 

How to Mix a Liquid Foundation:

  1. As long as you use a moisturizer without any ingredients you would rather your skin not absorb, squirt a small amount of moisturizer into your palm, a small dish or a 4X4 ceramic tile (a perfect gadget to have with your makeup).  Eve Organics' Balance Moisturizer is a perfect moisturizer to mix up a liquid foundation.
  2. Take your Loose Mineral Foundation and sprinkle a small amount of foundation on top of the moisturizer.  Add little by little to the desired depth of color.
  3. Mix with a brush or even a finger.  VOILA!
  4. Apply with a finger, sponge or brush like you would any liquid foundation.