Don't Stick With the Non-Stick !

by 12 March 27, 2009 0 Comments

I've heard here and there throughout the past couple years about non-stick pans getting a bad rap.  Well, after doing a little research and reading an article in Natural Health this month, I thought I would post the information I've learned.  This is another case of "why didn't they test that before" or "did they know about this before?"Pan

The perflourinated compounds (PFCs) in non-stick pans, particularly the chemical Teflon and the like, (which are also in stain-resistant fabrics), have been linked to hormone disruption, developmental defects in children and cancer.  A study by the University of Massachusetts has shown levels of PFCs in every nursing mother's breast milk they tested. 

By avoiding stain-resistant clothing and furniture, and by choosing stainless steel or cast iron cookware, instead of the conventional non-stick pans, will help cut down exposure to PFCs tremendously.  However, there is a new generation of non-stick cookware out there.  A Belgian company, Green Pan, has created a pan with Thermolon, which can withstand heat to 800 degrees without creating a hazard.  Other older non-sticks were dangerous at much lower temperatures.

You can find Green Pan at Target or Crate & Barrel.  Or, check out their website at