Brow Shaping Made Simple

by 12 April 20, 2009 0 Comments

I've been hearing from so many women lately, "I always got my brows waxed at the salon . . . with the economy the way it is, I don't want to spend the money on a beauty salon wax, but I don't know how to shape them myself."

If you've been getting your brows waxed professionally in the past, plucking is easy if you keep up with it.  If your brows have overgrown, however, proper shape is crucial.  After all, the brows are the frame of the eyes.  Brow shape can lift your face and make you look awake, but the opposite is also true.  Improper shape can make a person look sad or droopy.

Following are some easy tips on shaping your own brow to compliment your face.

Eyebrow Shape  

The first thing to do is get a few things together for the job:  brow pencil (any color), a pencil or thin straight edge, white eyeliner or pencil and tweezers.

Divide your brow into thirds and make a hash mark above each area (shown above in white).  This is our way to "double check" that measurements in steps 1-4 are being made correctly.

1.  Use your pencil or straight edge to measure where the brow should start.  To do this, hold the pencil vertically against the edge of your nose.  The point where the pencil reaches the level of the brow is where the brow should start. (line 1)

2.  Now take the pencil and turn it on an angle.  With the bottom still at the edge of your nose, angle the pencil so that it passes through your pupil while looking straight.  Whereever the pencil lands on the brow is where your arch should be. (line 2)

3.  Angle the pencil a little further so that it passes through the outside of your eye while the other end is still at the edge of your nose.  This is where the brow should end. (line 3)

4.  Be very careful about the height of the end of your brow.  If you draw a horizontal line from the bottom of the beginning of your brown through the end of the brow, the end of the brow should not fall below this (line 4).  If the end of the brow is below this line, your eyes will look droopy and people may always ask you "what's wrong" or "why are you sad".  If the end of the brow falls above this line by too much, your eyes will not be properly "framed" by your brows and you will not have acheived your optimal look.

Using a white eyeliner pencil, mark off or color in the areas you need to pluck.  This way, you can adjust any mistakes you may have made by wiping it off.  Your brow should not "disappear" at the end, giving a tadpole look, but it should gradually become thinner near the arch and beyond.  The picture above is a perfect example of a properly proportioned  brow.

Good luck!  Let me know how it goes!  Leave me comments and let me know if this helps.