Ask Troy: What Herbs Promote Radiant Skin?

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What Herbs Promote Radiant Skin?

What herbs will help improve radiant skin? Well let’s start with proper elimination of toxins, if we don’t eliminate the bad stuff, it can eventually cause skin problems and overall health problems. I try and make simple recommendations so that my clients will get quick results.  Therefore, I will start out with two suggestions.

1.  Improve Blood: Sometimes we need to cool the body internally, especially in the summer heat when increase heat can cause inflammation and skin rashes. Therefore, a wonderful herb called Neem can help purify the blood and cool the body, resulting in improved skin and health. Neem-oil


2.  Improved Digestion: Not a sexy topic, but we need to be regular to have good skin texture. I suggest 2-3 bowel movements per day without much effort; if this is a problem, work needs to be done to make sure you are eliminating toxins and wastes from your system. I recommend a wonderful ayurvedic formula that will help improve digestion and wastes and add antioxidants to your body and skin….this formula is called triphala. 

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