ASK THE MAKEUP MAVEN ~ Outdated Beauty Habits (Part 3)

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Combating Aging ~ Ditching Those Outdated Beauty Habits (Part 3 of 3)

Bad Beauty Habit 3:  Unruly, Ignored or Non-Existent Eyebrows

IStock_000000759079XSmall Quick!  Grab a mirror!  How do your eyebrows look?  Are they lovely, arched, and the perfect accent to our eyes?  No?  Don’t worry.  You are not alone.

Some of us may have plucked them off in a decade long ago and they never grew back.  Some of us ignore them completely as they grow into strange shapes and in new directions.  My advice?  Get your brows professionally done.  Ask your most fabulous friend where they get their brows done, and go there.  Once they are done, fill them in with a little bit of eyeshadow.  Eye shadow is far more natural looking than pencil, and it lasts longer.  Eve OrganicsLovely Lady” and “Silky Cocoa” are great shades for eyebrows.  Use the slanted liner brush for brow perfection.  Nothing says “polished” like a great pair of eyebrows.  They add lift and definition to the eyes.  And, lift equals a younger look.  Insiders Tip: Do your eyebrow expert a favor.  Book an appointment every 4 weeks or so.  That way, he or she is not starting from scratch every time you sit in their chair.   And, don’t even THINK about tattooing or stencils.   There is nothing natural looking about either of those techniques. 

Maybe we are all guilty of it.  “Tried & True” looks and products that once made us feel fabulous, now only make us feel “blah”.  I tend to fall for my old “tried & true” matte red lipstick once in a while.  It made me feel so chic when I was in my 20’s.  Red lipstick is still instant chic.  But, Eve Organics “Sweet Merlot” lipgloss looks much younger (on me) than matte these days.  So, If there is anything that you “always”, or “never” do, you may want to rethink the habit.

Here are some examples:

“I’ve always worn this maple-sugar lip-liner” 

“Blue eyeshadow brings out my blue eyes”

“They told me (in 1986) that Mauve is the color for me”

“I never do my brows”

“I always wear my cheek color under my cheekbone”

And, on and on, and on.  Listen, you don’t have the same face that you had 2, 10, or 20 years ago.  Don’t let your makeup look live in the past.

In conclusion, if we are expected to look fabulous forever, it doesn’t necessarily have to involve surgery and invasive procedures. You might just need a fresh perspective, and maybe a new lip-gloss!


- Cheryl Salinas-Tucker