ASK THE MAKEUP MAVEN ~ Outdated Beauty Habits (Part 2)

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Combating Aging ~ Ditching Those Outdated Beauty Habits (Part 2 of 3)

Bad Beauty Habit 2:  What?  No Cheek Color?

You need Cheek Color!

I know, we gave up blush in the 90’s for “Bronzer”, right?


Well, let’s bring on some color!  That “youthful glow” isn’t just for little ones. Eve Organics  “Peachy” looks fabulous on many lighter skin tones.  It has just the right amount of “punch” to really wake up our dull complexions.  Olive skin tones look great in “Hot Day”.  “Joyful” looks great on just about everyone.  Now, where should you put it?  Apply to the apple of your cheeks (not below), and blend up. 


Check in next week for part 3 of 3 of "Ditch Those Outdated Beauty Habits"

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