ASK THE MAKEUP MAVEN ~ Outdated Beauty Habits (Part 1)

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Combating Aging ~ Ditching Those Outdated Beauty Habits! (Part 1 of 3)


A few weeks ago, there was quite a bit of Internet buzz and talk show action revolving around Teri Hatcher.  Did you miss it?  Ms. Hatcher had let her botox lapse, took pictures of herself right out of the shower, and posted them on Facebook.  It kicked off a firestorm of media coverage because (gasp!) she looked like a “real” woman.

Make no doubt about it… we are a culture that is obsessed with youth.  Apparently, we are expected to live until we are 100, but we are not allowed to look a day over 30.

I don’t buy it.  I meet women every day, many are over 50, 60, even 70+, and they are just gorgeous.  There is something to be said for being more comfortable in our own skin, and that confidence shines through in these women.  They know who they are. 

However, there is danger there.  Danger, of getting “stuck in a rut”.  After 20, 30, or a few more years of following makeup advice, it’s easy to stick with the old “tried & true”. 

Yes, some of us have some “Bad Beauty Habits” or BBH.  And those BBH can age us faster than a year of tanning with baby oil & iodine in the hot 1980’s sun. 

Bad Beauty Habit Number 1:  MAKEUP by SEASON

“But, I’m a  (Winter, Spring, etc., insert favorite season here)”

You are not a “Season”. Forget what “they” told you.  This technique was designed to help you purchase pre-made sets of colors that would accent your “Season”.  Wouldn’t it be nice if it actually worked?  Well, it might have then, but it doesn’t now.  Let’s move on. 

The colors that you wear should have more to do with the look that you want to create, than a particular “Season” of the year.  Let’s say that you want to play up your blue or green eyes, maybe try Eve Organics Copper, Sassy or Bling.  If you have brown eyes, try Camo, Amethyst or Sassy.  You might want to keep things in the same color family. 

If you are wearing a color with warmth to it on your eyes, carry that color family to your cheeks & lips.  Warmer tones include Joyful & Peachy; Cooler tones include Kisses & Sultry

The last thing that I will say about “Seasons”, is that it IS important to change your makeup when the weather changes.  Lighten up in the summer, and maybe add a little more bronzy tones to your cheeks.  In the winter, be sure to cover dark under eye circles, and don’t forget the blush.  This is a nice segway to my next BBH . . .

Check in next week for part 2 of 3 of "Ditch Those Outdated Beauty Habits"

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to express yourself.  You may contact me directly if you wish. 

Until next time,

Your humble “makeup maven”,

- Cheryl


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