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Cheryl bio pic BW Hello!  I am Cheryl Salinas-Tucker.  I own ROUGE MakeUp and Nail Studio in Ferndale, Michigan. At our little boutique, I work with women every day, using Eve Organics makeup and skincare to create makeup looks from natural to costume. 

Today, I want to talk about the trials, tribulations and triumphs of finding the perfect foundation. 

Foundation: noun “A cream or powder used to perfect the complexion before other makeup products are applied.” 

Obviously, the guys at Webster’s didn’t know much about makeup.  There are so many choices, products, and terms used to describe the products that we use to perfect our complexion.  Here are just a few: Crème, liquid, pancake, mineral, concealer, mousse foundation, pressed powder, loose powder, bronzer, blush, rouge, cover-up.  And they come in many textures, such as: bare, matte, shine, sparkle, opaque, sheer, barely there. 

It’s confusing, isn’t it?

I have tried all of the above mentioned foundation items, and then some.  I’ll bet that you have probably tried at least three or four of them yourself.

When I was searching for a brand of makeup to sell in my little makeup boutique, I was overwhelmed with choices.  Imagine!  It’s not just your face that you have to worry about, but hundreds, maybe thousands of potential customers.

I researched many brands and found that Eve Organics fit my vision entirely.  First of all, the skincare is up to 98% Organic.  I am extremely passionate about ensuring that the products that we use in our boutique are good for you, and the environment. After all, our motto is, “Glam, Green & Gorgeous”!

Secondly, I was excited to find a product that is produced locally in Michigan.  The entire nation knows that Michigan is going through a “bit of a rough patch”.  Supporting local brands and artists is what ROUGE is all about.  Thirdly, it had to actually perform.  If the makeup does not perform, I have to work that much harder to ensure that our clients look great.  Be it for bridal or everyday, every woman wants to be confident that her makeup looks natural, and stays put!

So, what makes so Eve Organics different?  I believe it’s the lack of fillers.  Other companies may use fillers in their mineral makeup such as bismuth or talc.  The result can be chalky and frankly, aging.  Eve Organics does not use fillers, and the end result is plainly beautiful.  It’s a surprisingly dewy finish that looks entirely natural.

Jessica Before

Here’s how I create the perfect complexion with Eve Organics Foundation:

  1. Prep the skin with the correct Eve Organics skincare cleanser, toner & moisturizer
  2. Apply Eve Organics Eye Crème to the under eye area.  Use your ring finger and don’t get too close to the eye itself. 
  3. Shake a little bit of the foundation either into the lid of the jar of foundation, or on a marble tile (perfect to use as a palette).
  4. Using the “handi-flat top brush” apply just a little bit of foundation to the entire face.  Remember!  Start out with a very small amount.  You can always add more foundation if you need it. 
  5. Using the “ultimate concealer” brush, apply a little bit more foundation under the eyes and to the top of the lid.  This covers dark circles beautifully (it really works), and also creates a fabulous base for eye shadows.
  6. Using the “ultimate concealer” brush, apply a little bit of foundation around the nostrils and on any other blemishes, age spots, broken capillaries, or pimples that need a little extra coverage.
  7. Using the “Kabuki” brush, lightly buff off any excess that may be on the face.
  8. You can also apply a little bit of Eve Organics Setting Powder over the entire face, concentrating on the t-zone to absorb excess oil, if you feel it’s necessary.
  9. For extra staying power, spritz your skin (very lightly) with a little bit of your Eve Organics toner.
Jessica After


That’s it!  No need for 5 or 6 different products to perfect your complexion.  All you need is Eve Organics Foundation, and a little setting powder. 

I believe that foundation is the quickest and most effective way to look polished, finished, and maybe a little younger.  For me, it’s the most important makeup product that I use. 

If you haven’t tried Eve Organics Foundation yet, you really should.  My clients are very happy, and so am I. 

Well, that’s it!  I hope that you found my first edition for Eve Organics entertaining and informative.  If you have questions or comments, please feel free to express yourself.  You may contact me directly if you wish. 

Until next time,

Your humble “makeup maven”,

- Cheryl


Cheryl is the Owner of and MakeUp Artist at ROUGE MakeUp and Nail Studio

23341 Woodward Ave. Ferndale, MI 48220